punto 02

punto 02

A seating conceived for high traffic spaces. You can easily store and have extra seatings for upmost rooms.

Indoor/outdoor use. Fire resistant. All weather. UV stable. Easy to clean. Waterproof. Safe for children. Storable. Custom logo and color. Attachable to a surface (optional).
Made in Spain. Designed by Studio Bermúdez.

100% recyclable


punto 02

  33 cm / 13 inches
  Height/ 4cm / 1,57 inches
  Weight/ 800gr / 1,76 lbs

trolley 02

Easy to transport and store.
Up to 25 in the trolley to move them from one place to another.

Capacity: Punto 02/ 25 u.
Trolley 02 colors:

  • Light Grey / Ral 7035  
  • Anthracite / Ral 7021