the concept

we are sentat º

Awesome seats for infinite spaces

Sentat is a new way of conceiving and accompanying public spaces for leisure, work and culture.

We live in a constantly changing world, where innovation and reinvention have become constant factors in our daily lives. We came about with the aim of adapting to that change, and being able to offer new, practical, simple solutions. But above all, with the aim of making collective areas more human and sociable.

We create more dynamic, flexible socialising spaces through unique cushions. We have consequently developed a collection of versatile seating designed for public spaces and collective groups.

We work to bring people closer together, to encourage interaction between them.

The way we understand, live and enjoy communal areas is through how comfortable we feel. Hence, at Sentat we are constantly searching for more dynamic, integrating solutions, that invite people to spend more time with others.


Sentat collections are designed for everyday use. We strive to encourage leisure and culture, but also to make time at work more enjoyable. That is why Sentat seating can be found in public spaces such as Indoor- Outdoor,

  • Educational areas (from playgroup to Higher Ed)
  • Healthcare,
  • Public Care
  • Hospitality
  • Library
  • Office, (soft seating, coworking, open saces, heavy traffic spaces, )
  • Corporate,
  • Pool Patio
  • Marine Public
  • Space Residential
  • Retail & comercial
  • Sports & fitness
  • Facilities
  • Plattform & bleached seating

Spaces through which people flow and are connected, become reference points, where interaction takes on a leading role and places people at the centre of activity.

Sentat is synonymous with bold, dynamic, cheerful places. Whether when relaxing or in more professional environments, our seating will be a source of interaction. More sociable places through original shapes and components.

Seating for everyday life

Sentat seats unite innovation, simplicity and design. We take the simplest shapes and concepts and apply the very highest standards of quality to them. What use is vanguard design if it does not go hand in hand with optimum functionality.

Inspired on traditional cushions, we have evolved the concept of seating to create a comfortable, original, functional and very strong product. We take into account usual, everyday use, taking usability further still to become the ideal companion in modern spaces.

Nothing is more resilient!

Fun, flexible… and very strong! We have developed our seating collection to withstand even the most demanding uses.

Whether indoors or outdoors, Sentat seating can cope with even the most intense use, and the hardest daily routines.

Resistant to water, extreme temperatures and completely fireproof. Moreover, they are completely stable when exposed to UVA rays, meaning they keep their shape and colour throughout their entire life.

And forget about maintenance. Sentat seating is so simple to clean that you will completely forget about any maintenance.

Colour and more colour

We love design, and are passionate about modern, cheerful, fun shapes. That is what makes our seating give that extra touch of colour and originality that transforms spaces.

Our seating is more than a decorative complement, integrating into spaces allowing for closer habitation with any staircase, bench, wall or corner. Available in twelve different colours, we are able to adapt our products to the most demanding areas, enhancing them with our shapes.

So you aren’t convinced by our complete, varied colour range? Don’t worry: tell us what colour you were thinking of, and we will make it exclusively for you, fully customised.

We look after the environment

We are concerned about our planet, and we want to carry on moving towards an increasingly greener world.

We have minimised the impact of our manufacturing processes and are fully committed to achieving increasingly less pollution. Moreover, Sentat seating is 100% recyclable, and their components become a part of new processes and models.

But that is not all, we have studied the most advanced model of durability in order to lengthen the useful life of each item and guarantee it will stand the test of time.