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we are sentat

A new way of conceiving and accompanying public spaces for leisure, work and culture.

Inspired on traditional cushions, we have evolved the concept of seating to create a comfortable,

original, functional and very strong product.

Cushion  hole white
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Cushion hole azzure blue
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Cushion  hole yellow
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Cushion hole terra brown
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colour and more colour

We love design, and are passionate about modern, cheerful, fun shapes. That is what makes our seating give that extra touch of colour and originality that transforms spaces.

Our seating is more than a decorative complement, integrating into spaces allowing for closer habitation with any staircase, bench, wall or corner. Available in twelve different colours, we are able to adapt our products to the most demanding areas, enhancing them with our shapes.

So you aren't convinced by our complete, varied colour range? Don't worry: tell us what colour you were thinking of, and we will make it exclusively for you, fully customised.


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