UV Stable

Punto loves sun and fresh air as much as you do but don’t worry, a coat of ultra UV rays has been applied and it is UV stable. Over time, the Punto color will remain very consistent.

Water resistant

Punto borns to life outside and no matter the weather conditions, we are waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures (up to -10º) and suitable for year-round outdoor use.

Easy to clean and disinfect

For normal cleaning, use warm water with a mild detergent and a cotton cloth. Red wine or coffee stains: the soonest you react the better results you will get. You may want to disinfect the cushions and in this case, you can use your disinfectant (always try underneath first ) or use 1:10 bleach water solution.

Safe for children

Let’s play with Punto, it is safe for children. We have been certified.

Custom color

No limits at all ! No need to pick among our color chart. Just tell us the RAL , Pantone or any other reference and we will match it (minimum order is 60 pcs).


Our environment matters. Even this is a log time product, when it’s lifetime is over it will be recycled to obtain raw material again ready for a new life. We all need to care about our environment.

Fire resistant

We all want to be safe and our products meet the BS 5852/ Ignition source 1&2.

Custom Logo

You like to be unique and we understand it. We have designed a system to personalize the cushion with the corporative logo (ask for conditions at info@sentat.es).

Easy to storage and move around

We have designed a trolley and a hanger to have your cushions always ready for informal talks, Make maximum use of your space and fill it with Punto whenever you need extra seats.

Attachable to a surface

Sometimes you need to attach the cushion to a seating surface and we offer different solutions: with standard or magnetic velcro or with a metallic insert. Just tell us your needs and we will advice you for the best solution.

Anti-theft alarm insert

Maybe your space it too open and you need to secure the products? During the manufacture process we can insert the alarm device so you will notice when some Punto wants to live a new life far away.