disinfecting and cleaning


Cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting

Punto does not have stitches or joints where dirt can hide and it is very easy to clean, sanitize and disinfect at site and you do not need special (and expensive) cleaning methods. The strong construction of Punto cushions is designed for general cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Sentat recommends that national requirements for disinfection procedures are followed at all times.

For Cleaning

Punto needs regular cleaning methods to keep surfaces clean. 

For maintenance, you may use any multipurpose spray or mild soap and water. Punto is resistant to bleach cleaning in a 10:1 dilution, based on 10 parts water and one part bleach.

sanitizing and disinfecting

The cushion does not absorb chemical products or any other fluids.

Cleaning and disinfecting our physical environments is essential to prevent the spread of virus and bacteria.

Soap reduces the number of germs and microorganisms on the surface, and this process is an important step before sanitising or disinfection, as microorganisms can hide behind dirt or impurities.

A sanitising or disinfection process can be used to reduce the number of microorganisms further still.

Always use disinfectants or sanitizers that are recommended by national authorities, and follow the procedures defined by the authorities or on the label of the disinfectants and rinse thoroughly with clean water afterwards in order to remove any chemical residues remaining on the surface.

Punto cushions do not absorb chemical products but they may remain on the surface.

To ensure that the product will not cause adverse changes to the colour, we recommend testing underneath before general use.

Chemical disinfectants and sanitizers should in general only be used when absolutely necessary. To protect the environment, avoid using chemicals in higher concentrations than recommended for the specific purpose.